Pearls Of Wisdom

It is better to keep one's mouth shut and let people guess, then to open it and prove you are a fool.
This does not mean we should not freely express our views.
Intelligent people will read between the lines and judge people for what they are.
In the house of the LORD, we shall be judged by our intentions and not by our deeds.
Many a times, good deeds are done with the wrong intentions, and will be judged accordingly by the Almighty.
We too, should endeavour to judge people by their intentions.
We all make mistakes, will continue to make them. Our greatness lies acknowledging them and in not repeating them.
Many a times, SORRY is the most difficult word to utter.
Ones greatness often lies in saying "Sorry" even though we maybe right (or wrong).
Life is too short to keep grudges. Forgive and forget, live and learn is whats life's about.

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